Episode 10: Summer Recap

Travel back in time with us, will you? This was recorded at the end of the summer, when the ‘Gents were sitting around Pete’s living room and decided to start recording.

Sit back and enjoy a magical time where nobody was talking about the US presidency. We started off talking about Nicholas Cage and somehow ended up on theme parks, in typical Tangentlemen fashion.

Episode 5: Wives Pick

We did things a little differently this time. We had our wives write down topics or questions and we drew them out randomly. We had a lot of great topics to discuss, one of which is Science Fair projects. As promised on the podcast, I said I would post a funny picture on our site. If […]

Episode 3: Return of the Star War

Welcome to the year 2016! Episode 3 is here and already Josh, Pete, Doug and Joshua are dipping back into the Star Wars well. I promise our podcast won’t always be a Star Wars podcast. The movie just came out and we were excited to talk about it. Right from the beginning there will be Star Wars […]